Project Managers

Our Project Managers are all currently working; therefore we need at least one month’s notice for future placement. However, some may become available soon, so please do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries.

Chief and Second Engineers

We currently have many highly qualified Chief and Second Engineers registered with our agency. As our Engineers are being placed for jobs very quickly we are unable to keep them updated on the site. Please feel free to contact us with regards to the available engineers.

Service, Marine, Electrical Engineers

We currently have 23 service, marine and electrical engineers working on ongoing projects around the world. As they are working on rotating schedules we constantly have engineers available. We require as much information about the positions as possible and also need at least 3 weeks notice prior to placement. Please contact us for further information.


MS Jensen is educated as an ETO and a Marine engineer, holding a Y2 ticket. TYS placed him on MY White Rose of Drachs, which gave him his first ticket. After White Rose, TYS placed him on MY Dream where he really developed in AV and IT. He is calm and has a really nice personality, along with a great sense humor.