Service Engineers

The service engineers in our portfolio are all educated and trained in Danish Shipyards, which has a long tradition of yachting, engineering and strict standards of quality workmanship. The education for Marine Engineers in Denmark takes 4 years, where the students are extensively trained and educated in all aspects of marine equipment and systems. All our service engineers can install new equipment as well as repair any kind of systems already onboard.

Our service engineers have already proven their skills successfully on numerous yachts and are much respected for their craft and workmanship. They have been and are continually employed whenever a yacht, after a Med or Caribbean season, needs some work or is up for a shipyard period. Our service engineers can be commissioned as long as needed.

To the right you can see some pictures of our Engineer’s work. Electric motor, Fuel valves, Pumps, Racor filters, Water maker, all been overhauled.